Beacon is the No. 1 Oncology company of Bangladesh & world wide famous for its latest Anticancer , Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C Medications.

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited proudly Introducing Its first Diabetic Portfolio Medicine “Wedica”

Wedica – The first global generic for  Weekly Diabetic Care

Wedica ( Trelagliptin ) is indicated for type 2 diabetes.When the first line treatment of metformin is not achieving the expected glycemic goals.

How To Know The Orginal Beacon Products ?
All Beacon products have a Unique QR Code for Authenticity.
After scanning The QR Code you will see- Box informations & System Informations are Same.
Product Reference number is fixed like 1,2,3..N , no chance to more than one for every unique batch.
Don’t Purchase any product verify By Others.
If you can’t see any informations or Warning Messages. Please do not purchase this product.
Don’t purchage if you see multiple scan history by others from “Show Scan Histroy” button.
After verifying the product from “Click to Verify” button. Please damagae the Carton & QR Code.
To avoid Fake medicine,Please flow the Instruction

Beacon’s famous  Oncology Brands

Beacon’s famous Anti Hepatitis Brands

Beacon Introduces Global Patient Support Program

Global Patient Support Program

Life saving drugs are either beyond the reach of general people or not available in many countries. Because of the patient exemptions for Bangladeshi companies,Beacon Pharmaceuticals can manufacture the patented drugs. As a support to global patient.

Registered & Licensed by Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh

Registered & Licensed by Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh

wedica drug
Wedica 100 : Drug Registration Number: 341-314-015  Inclusion Date: 24-05-2017  Valid up to: 23-05-2022
Wedica 50 :  Drug Registration Number: 341-313-015   Inclusion Date: 24-05-2017  Valid up to: 23-05-2022

Global Scarcity of Life Saving Drugs- A Shocking Epidemic

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